Trading patterns are signals that indicate the direction of price trends.
They are not 100% accurate (nothing is), but rather probabilistically accurate.

Geometric Patterns

Ascending Triangle Bull Flag Double Bottom Inverse Head and Shoulders Falling Wedge Cup and Handle
Descending Triangle Bear Flag Double Top Head and Shoulders Rising Wedge Inverted Cup and Handle

Candlestick Patterns

Dragonfly Doji50% Hammer60% Inverted Hammer35% Bullish Engulfing63% Bullish Harami53% Bullish Harami Cross45% Above The Stomach66% Piercing Pattern64% Morning Star78% Morning Doji Star76% Bullish Abandoned Baby70% Three White Soldiers82% Bullish Three Line Strike35% Rising Three Methods74%
Gravestone Doji51% Shooting Star59% Hanging Man41% Bearish Engulfing79% Bearish Harami47% Bearish Harami Cross43% Below The Stomach60% Dark Cloud Cover60% Evening Star72% Evening Doji Star71% Bearish Abandoned Baby69% Three Black Crows78% Bearish Three Line Strike16% Falling Three Methods71%